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Updated 12 October, 2003

High-End Climate Science: Development of
Modeling and Related Computing Capabilities
Table of Contents
Report to the USGCRP from an ad hoc Working Group on Climate Modeling, December 2000



Full Report (PDF)

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Table of Contents

Subcommittee on Global Change Research, Participating Agencies and Executive Offices

Ad hoc Working Group on Climate Modeling


Executive Summary

  1. Background

  2. Summary of Findings

  3. Summary of recommendations

  4. Final Comments

Charge to the Working Group 

Main Report

  1. Purpose

  2. Current Situation

  3. Scope of Document / Underlying Definitions and Assumptions

  4. Elements of Climate Science

  5. Issues of Computational Systems

  6. Human resources

  7. Management / Business Practices / Institutional models

  8. Recommendations

  9. Reference Documents

  10. Endnotes

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