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Updated 20 August 2008

Budget Information for the U.S. Climate Change Science Program / Global Change Research Program






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Budget Trends,
Fiscal Years 1989-2009

Total program budget, FY 1989 through FY 2009, actual dollars and constant dollars.


Budget information from the annual report, Our Changing Planet

Budget information from the Office of Management and Budget

Report to Congress: FY 2008 Federal Climate Change Expenditures Report to Congress. [PDF] [May 2007]

Analytical Perspectives, Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2008:

FY 2007 Federal Climate Change Expenditures Report to Congress [PDF] (April 2006) (694k)

Report to Congress: FY 2006 Federal Climate Change Expenditures [PDF] (March 2005) (940k)

Report to Congress: FY 2005 Federal Climate Change Expenditures [PDF] (May 2004) (322k)

Report to Congress: FY 2004 Federal Climate Change Expenditures [PDF] (August 2003) (573k)

Budget-related reports from the U.S. Congress

Climate Change: Federal Expenditures [PDF].  Report (dtd 22 January 2007) from the Congressional Research Service.  By Jane A. Leggett.  Order Code RL33817

Climate Change: Federal Reports on Climate Change Funding Should Be Clearer and More Complete [PDF] (GAO-05-461).  Government Accountability Office.  August 2005
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