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Updated 12 October, 2003

US National Assessment of
the Potential Consequences
of Climate Variability and Change
HCN Time Series




The years 1900-1998 are HCN observations; 1999-2100 (or 2099 in the case of HADCM2) represent the GCM scenarios.  The future period is from the VEMAP data for the conterminous U.S., but calculated directly from the GCMs, and adjusted using the delta/ratio approach to the HCN data, for Alaska (since no VEMAP data are available for Alaska yet).  For the conterminous U.S. the HCN observed data have been shifted to the mean of the VEMAP observed 1961-1990 baseline.  All time series are area-weighted annual averages.  The megaregional figures were updated on 1/20/00 to account for the current NAST megaregions (NAST megaregions).

Maximum Temperature over U.S.Minimum Temperature over U.S.

Mean Temperature over U.S.

Precipitation over U.S.

CGCM1 Maximum Temperature by MegaregionHADCM2 Maximum Temperature by Megaregion

CGCM1 Minimum Temperature by MegaregionHADCM2 Minimum Temperature by Megaregion

CGCM1 Mean Temperature by MegaregionHADCM2 Mean Temperature by Megaregion

CGCM1 Precipitation by MegaregionHADCM2 Precipitation by Megaregion

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