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Updated 12 October, 2003
USGCRP Seminars



The Seminar Series was organized from May 1995 through July 2000 by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Each session offered a presentation and discussion of a topic drawn from the latest scientific studies of the global environment and its interaction with societal activities and the economy. The format was designed to encourage consideration of important research findings in the context of the issues facing decision-makers. The topics and speakers were selected for their potential interest to a wide audience, both governmental and nongovernmental.

What's Happening To Stratospheric Ozone Over The Arctic, And Why? (31 July 2000)

Climate Warming of the 20th Century in the Context of Historical and Geological Records of Past Climate Changes (14 June 2000)

The Earth's Surface Temperature in the 20th Century: Coming to Grips with Satellite and Surface-Based Records of Temperature. (17 May 2000)

The Record of Surface Warming in the 20th Century: Recent Observations and Model Results (7 April 2000)

Natural Climate Oscillations of Short Duration and the Long Term Climate Warming - Sorting Out the Climate System (23 March 2000)

Climate Change in the Arctic and Antarctic: The Latest Observational Evidence on Changes in Sea Ice and Ice Shelves (22 February 2000)

El Niño/La Niña and Hurricanes: Was 1999 a Preview of the Near Future? (16 December 1999)

What's Driving Climate Change in the 20th Century - Changes in Solar Radiation or the Buildup of Greenhouse Gases? (23 November 1999)

Sensitivity of the Tropics to a Global Climate Warming: Evidence and Implications (16 November 1999)

Amphibian Declines in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica: Responses to Climate Change? (5 October 1999)

CO2 and Temperature over the Last 420,000 Years: Present and Projected Climate Changes in Perspective (30 September 1999)

Origin, Impact, and Implications of the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico (19 July 1999)

Status of the Health of Coral Reefs: An Update (22 June 1999)

Surface Temperature Changes and Biospheric Responses in the Northern Hemisphere during the Last 1,000 Years (17 May 1999)

Arctic Sea-Ice: Changes, Causes, and Implications (20 April 1999)

Projected Ecosystem Changes for the United States Under a Climate Warming (18 March 1999)

Status and Health of Marine Ecosystems, Fisheries, and Habitat: The Road Ahead (17 February 1999)

History of Drought Variability in the Central United States: Implications for the Future (25 January 1999)

Changes in Carbon Sources and Sinks: The Outlook for Climate Change and Managing Carbon in the Future (8 December 1998)

Environmental Water Security: Lessons from the Southwestern U.S., Northwestern Mexico, and the Middle East (23 November 1998)

Which World? - A Look at Three Plausible Trend-Based Scenarios of the Future (22 October 1998)

Depletion and Recovery of the Ozone Layer: An Update of the Scientific Understanding (23 September 1998)

Reconstruction of the Earth's Temperature Record for the Last Six Centuries: Are the Earth's Glaciers Responding to Climate Change? (20 July 1998)

Development of Asian Megacities: Environmental, Economic, Social, and Health Implications (11 June 1998)

Potential Consequences of Global Warming for the Northwestern US: Water Resources and Marine Ecosystems (19 May 1998)

Estimating the Consequences of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Case of Air Quality for the U.S. (20 April 1998)

Origin, Incidence, and Implications of Amazon Fires (30 March 1998)

Abrupt Climate Changes Revisited: How Serious and How Likely? (23 February 1998)

Climate Change from the 14th-20th Centuries: Evidence from the Subsurface and the Arctic (20 January 1998)

Observed Climate Change in Alaska: The Early Consequences of Global Warming (8 December 1997)

Global Warming and the Earth's Water Cycle: What Do the Changes Mean and Why be Concerned? (5 November 1997)

The 1997-98 El Nino Forecast: What are the Societal Implications and Opportunities? (20 October 1997)

Anticipated Climate Changes in a High-CO2 World: Implications for Long-Term Planning (15 September 1997)

Wetland Losses in the United States: Scope, Causes, Impacts, and Future Prospects (7 July 1997)

Antarctic Update: An Ecosystem Perspective on UV Radiation and Climate Change Impacts (2 June 1997)

Natural Hazards, Human Impacts, and Disaster Reduction (22 May 1997)

The Role of Energy Technologies in Determining the Long-Term Costs for Stabilizing the Carbon Dioxide Concentration (21 April 1997)

Ecological and Climatic Consequences of Human-Induced Changes in the Global Nitrogen Balance (3 March 1997)

Assessing U.S. Regional Climate Impacts Using Global-Scale General Circulation Models (10 February 1997)

Food, Agriculture, and Climate Change: The U.S. and International Outlook (7 January 1997)

The Economics of Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation: The Importance of Values and Assumptions (9 December 1996)

Sustainable Water Resources in the Next Century, with Special Reference to Global Climate Change and the Western U.S. (18 November 1996)

The Ecological Effects of Global Warming on North American Birds and Butterflies (22 October 1996)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Scenarios: Their Content, Assumptions, and Implications (16 September 1996)

Greenhouse Concerns: Lessons from the Past (17 July 1996)

Forest Responses to Changes in Atmospheric Composition and Climate (10 June 1996)

The Satellite Temperature Records (20-21 May 1996)

The Role of Aerosols in Climate Change (25 April 1996)

Extent and Implications of Land Cover Changes: The View from Space (12 March 1996)

Coral Bleaching: Ecological & Economic Impacts (13 February 1996)

Climate Implications of Abrupt Changes in Ocean Circulation (23 January 1996)

Hurricanes! (11 December 1995)

Anthropogenic Ozone Depletion: Status & Human Health Implications (13 November 1995)

Signals of Human-induced Climate Warming (17 October 1995)

Ice Core Records of Past Climate Changes: Implications for the Future (18 September 1995)

Climate Change and Human Health (10 July 1995)

Climate Models: How Certain are their Projections of Future Climate Change? (12 June 1995)

Floods and Drought (8 May 1995)



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